Sunday, July 27, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

An orchid blooming in the screen porch

I completely missed the blooming of my Stanhopia orchid. I guess because it was hot and the rains brought wind there was short window for admiring the lovely scent produced by this orchid. I had Jerr water my orchid two days this week and the thing opened and died in between my water. Bummer..... Isn't it strange how it blooms fromthe bottom of the wooden basket? That's why you can't plant them in a pot!

Sad, spent blooms is all I found today.

This dendrobian just won't stop! And, it's beautiful.


Julie said...

WOW..that Dendrobian is a winner!!!

Julie said...

I just bought 9 chances to win the Ratbone quilt...I want your Daisey block! LOL...wish me luck!

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