Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ratbone Dogs

Chloe recently moved to a foster home in Arizona. She's a 2 year old with a strong personality who loves walks.
Storm's fosterhome is in Oregon. He's a good boy with a sweet disposition. His interests include other dogs, playing, and the dog park.

Kelby is a sweet spirited young girl. She's a lower energy terrier that seldom barks. She likes to snuggle and sit in your lap - she will even let you carry her like the little Princess that she is!

Miss Pearl is living in Oregon. She is 5 years old and deaf. She knows some hand signals. She's very sweet and is good at greeting new people. She even enjoys getting a bath! Because she is deaf, she is not sensitive to noises. Pearl cannot be placed in a home with a cat.

Spike was recently relocated to Arizona with his foster sister Chloe (1st photo). Spikey lost his home when his humans had to move. Spikey likes to snuggle in bed and will bury in blankets. He has a funny habit of barking at dogs on TV. Spikey is crate trained.

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