Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Morning

Had dinner last night with mom at a nice Tex Mex place. She had chicken chimichanga and I had shrimp fajitas -both were great. Friday was mom's last day of working full time - at least for a while. She is going to work weekends for the same company until she finds a suitable employment arrangment.

Jerry is working a big tent sale so he doesn't have a day off this weekend so no family dinner with the moms tonight. Instead, I am going to take Marge to lunch at Pickels deli and my mom is coming over tomorrow and we will find smething to do together.

I have to take Daisey to the vet this morning for her yearly exam and shots. As if that isn't bad enough, I gave her a bath this morning. I've included a photo of her looking worried when she heard the bath water running. She will get excited when I take out her travel harness and leash thinking she might go to the park or beach. I've been following her aorund all morning trying to get a "sample" but have not been successful.

A couple night ago a loud sound woke me from sleep and the ratties ran into the guest bathroom looking at the wall and growling/barking. Since that is an exterior wall next to the front door, I opened the door to see what happened. Daisey bolted out of the door and started running down the sidewalk. It's almost midnight and I'm not thinking clearly having been awoken from sleep so I started to chase after her in my nightgown and no shoes. It's really not the type of clothing one intends to wear outside in front of a helpful neighbor. I guess we will have to move soon ;)

Oh, I promise I wil quit rambling soon but I did start another doll last night. Because I'm doing beadwork I didn't finish in one night. Today is too busy so it will probably be tonight before I can post a photo. Have a great weekend!

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Julie said...

Oh gosh...I can see you now runing after Daisy at midnight! LOLOL. Poor girl. Goodness.
Sounds like fun with your Mexican!

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