Sunday, July 6, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

You can probably tell by the post time that I did not take these photos this morning as it is still dark. I just couldn't sleep so thought I would post garden photos that I have taken over the last couple days.

This wandering jew (at least that is the name I've known forever, hopefully that it not an offensive term) was a houseplant everywhere I else lived. I may have mentioned in an earlier post that I picked up a small piece (broken off a vine) about 3 years ago, rooted it, and stuck it under my keylime tree. It is now a ground cover and very, very beautiful :) It doesn't seem to bother the gingers either.

My Angel trumpet is blooming again. I could smell it but didn't see it. Then yesterday morning I saw 3 blooms yet the odor was much stronger than 3 blooms. Puzzeling....until..... We drove downt he street behind the house last night after going out to dinner and I see that it has grown over the fence. Hey! Good idea for next garden blog - my garden as seen from the other side of the fence :)

My friend Christina's orchid that I "stole" from her porch because it was not getting the right conditions for survival, much less blooming. I keep trying to give it back to her but she has moved on to impatients that are much better suited to the light level at her entry way.

This was taken on 4th of July evening when I woke up Daisey. Isn't her sleepy look just darling? She was having a bit of an eye problem that night but it seems to have cleared up now. By the way, my sweet girl growls when you pick her up from a sound sleep. If there is another dog nearby, she nips at them. I don't understand this behavior at all. It is only when she is picked up from sound sleep, otherwise she is fine.

This photo is for the Wicked Gardener. This is my sad crinum lily. It was almost all white before the rainy season started. Conan the gardener transplanted my crinum from near my mailbox where he said it was getting too much sun (although it was thriving and even had two pups) to a spot that is deep shade for half the day and then full sun the rest. What he didn't realize that right up next to the house, it get the sun reflected from the house and that spot is very hot. Blooms are limited here but were abundant near the mailbox. Also, the other spot was right near a sprinkler head and this spot is a bit dry - I have to water to keep the thing alive. I am considering a transplant to backyard where one of the pups from the transplant is surviving and growing nicely. The mailbox spot is already taken. The scent of the flowers is devine, plus I paid a ton of money for this one, so I have to make sure it survives.

No text needed for these next 5 - they are the mail-order bromeliads that I planted back in the spring. Thought you might want to see they are alive and well. Luckily the rainy season came because the sun turned harsh and the temperature soared shortly after I planted them. Now with the rainy season, I believe they are all going to make it! Oh, and in photo 3, you might be able to see that it has a puppy. If it weren't the heat of summer I would break off and transplant.


Wicked Gardener said...

Oh, sad little crinum. I'd move him. The good thing is that they are tough little buggars and you pretty much can't kill them - although it looks like you are trying. Keep me updated. :D

Julie said...

Oh, happy to see your broms are looking so happy!!! I haven't bought any yet because i am too lazy, and/or too scared! LOL.

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