Sunday, August 3, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

I wrote a poem about my garden this morning. You will need to scroll past the photos if you want to read it. Don't be too harsh - I believe it's the first poem I've penned other than school assignments long forgotten.

Dendrophylax Liudenii (Polyradicion) a.k.a. Ghost Orchid

Wikipedia: This is an endangered orchid in the wild. Cultivation outside of its native environment has proven exceptionally difficult, but not impossible. Although many fail in the attempt to raise seedlings grown in sterile culture into adult plants, some have succeeded, and it would be a worthwhile venture for experienced orchid growers to attempt cultivation of this plant obtained from a legal source. This orchid is .... is fully protected by Florida state and federal protection laws and should not be removed from the wild.

I can FINALLY begin to see growth. The roots were only about 1/4" when I purchased it about 2 years ago. Probably will be years before it blooms (bloOms on the root - it is leafless).

Dendrobiens on a cool stand my hubby bought me for Christmas a few years ago

My Cattleyas (I know, I know - they are too crowded)

Orchids hanging in the Key Lime tree

Vandas in the Key Lime - roots are starting to get unmanagably long on some

The orchid in top of this photo is new but the one on bottom is an old favorite. It is a ruffled flower and for some reason I am exceptionally fond of this flower and plant.

This photo is for Wicked Gardener who loves gingers. This one in growing in a lot of shade with only dapples of sun. Growing slowly but beautifully. It's sister plant in a sunnier location and blooms and grows very quickly. They are known as shell gingers.

When I bought this Staghorn Fern a couple years ago it only had two fronds. I fought to keep it healthly and alive until I put it under the lime tree. Now it is very happy and so am I!

In My Garden

In my garden I sit
Protected by screened windows and a roof
From insects unknown

In my garden I sit
And watch what I desperately want to be part of
Changing the world

In my garden I read
Connected by wireless internet to gardening blogs
Twenty-first century gardening

In my garden I read
Novels of murder and mystery and cats
Library books borrowed

In my garden I hear
Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me and This American Life
Radio or iPod

In my garden I hear
Birds chirping, lizards moaning, frogs
Especially after rain

In my garden I see
Ceiling fan, sprinklers, pool and Jacuzzi
Many foreign appliances

In my garden I see
Lush green foliage, vibrant flowering, orchids and vines
Always changing, growing

In my garden I feel
Like I should be doing something productive
No relaxation time

In my garden I feel
Warmth and humidity envelope me, tropical paradise
Connection to nature

In my garden I... am


Wicked Gardener said...

Vickie- Thanks for the Ginger shot! :D

Julie said...

OMG, Vickie...this is a wonderful poem. You should submit it to !!!

My LIttle Family: said...

Thank Julie for your kind words. I did enter it but felt a little silly since it's my first. Vickie

rusty in miami said...

I love your poem, you are great writer and I agree with Julie you should submit it. Keep it up.

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