Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pierogi Grill

We finally had dinner at that Polish restaurant I wrote about before (we couldn't get a seat). We got in because it's not "new" anymore and the City has prohibited them from having the guy on the sidewalk in the pierogi costume due to heavy traffic in the area and the possibility of causing an accident. If was great!

Mom, MIL, hubby & I went tonight and we ordered this HUGE dish called the Polish platter with a little of everything. There was a dozen assorted pierogis (meat, cheese, potato, spinach, and combinations), a giant cabbage roll, Schabovy (pork cutlets with mushroom gravy), grilled polish sausage, potato pancakes, Schab nadziewany (pork lion filled with sausage, plums, and onion), kraut, yellow rice, potatoes boiled in dill, and french fries. We are all still wondering about the fries??? This is a dish you share and now everyone knows what they like best for the next time we go. The dogs were VERY happy that I came home with a small styrofoam box - they just finished their polish feast.

We did find it odd that the restaurant was decorated with an Egyptian motif. I found a story on the web (on that explains the surprising decor. I'm not going to tell you though - you can google it for an interesting story.

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