Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hurricane Watch

We are now under a hurrican watch. This morning I decided to update the hurricane boxes. Good thing too - the canned goods expired a couple years ago because I stocked the boxes in 2004.

Here's photos of my grocery store this morning - full parking lot and empty cart section. Store personnel said there have been no carts in the holding area since 10am.

Here are my purchases since I could carry over very little of what we had in the food tote. Canned meats, vegtables, and fruit. We have more water in the garage. Hard to believe I was able to get all that stuff organized to fit in the tote.

I keep a second tote with other supplies. I've read quite a few different emergency lists and try to cover them all. I went way beyond the paper products, batteries, and flashlights to include personal hygene items, paper, stamps, etc. I got all the non foods items packed securely into a second tote before working on the pet tote.

The pet tote needs a little updating but instead of buying new canned dog food, I will just put their kibble in zip lock bags if need be. They aren't fond of canned food. In an emergency I don't want to have to fool with picky eaters. Oh, I have to throw in the binder where where I keep all their records.

Instead of my three sons, here are my three totes. I will wait until I hear that a hurricane is indeed going to hit before throwing important items (such as wedding photos, financial records, and "family jewels" LOL) into a waterproof tote. Both cars were filled with gas in the last ocuple days. If things still look scary tomorrow I might put dog crates in the car just in case; however, my goal is to stay, not to evacuate.


Julie said...

Oh my gosh...I am so sorry...we will probably only have rain over here...sure hope it keeps to the west of you guys. I need to update my hurricane supplies also for the rest of the season...just in case! I am praying it just goes away!

Julie said... know what I love...I have one of those LCD lights that you wear on your head and it leaves your hands free. My cousin worked on her stamp collection all during Frances that year!!! And Jeanne, and Charlie, and Wilma too! Crap. Take care, girlfriend!!!!! Will be awaiting a post from you immediately after you get power, if you lose it.....damn hurricanes...

cindee said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog(-:
I had to come visit you too(-:
I hope you don't get hit by the hurricane. That is a scary thing but it looks like you have your supplies ready to go. My rat doesn't like canned food either. He eats Nutra rice and lamb kibble. He has a corn allergy too so we have to be careful with his food. Of course he loves human food.(-: He is so smart that it just amazes me at times. What a joy rats are(-: Take care and hopefully you will not have to leave your home.

Julie said...

OK...Vickie- batten down your hatches! We are all ready over here too...had to bring in all my plants and all lose stuff outside...and close 1 shutter. Not bad. Got to the store. My husband is cancelled for work tomorrow...I hope I am too! LOL. Be careful, and stay safe.
Talk to you again soon!

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