Sunday, August 17, 2008

Largo Library

Went to the library today to return my books and get a couple more just in case I am left with time and no electricity - will need something to do. I can always read by flashlight or candlelight.

This library is fabulous! Has a huge genealogical department. It reminds me of the Loussac library in Anchroage which is the first library I ever saw with reading rooms, comfy furiture, etc.
I remember when I was a kid and spent summers with my Dad, the library in Osceola (where he lived) would not let me check out books because I wasn't a full-time resident. We had a "membership" at a local hotel with a swimming pool that happened to be across the street from the library. I would swim in the mornings then in the hottest part of day would read Nancy Drew books in the library before returning to swim later in the afternoon. I can still smell that library when I think about it. I would hide my book in the stacks to ensure that no one checked it out before I finished. Bad girl!


Julie said...

OMG...we had our old library right next to our city's country club pool...and we would actually run into that library soaking wet to read and check out books! What great memories! I am a huge library person!!! BTW...does everyone there drive the same color car??? LOL

My LIttle Family: said...

Julie, apparently the DISABLED people do - that's the handicap parking, LOL. I didn't even notice till you said it. Normally you just get a placard for the window, maybe now they have to have a certain color of car too. LOL

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