Monday, August 11, 2008

Ratbone Rescue Dogs

These dogs are all in the foster care of Ratbone Rescues. Click here to go to the web site for more information on these and other Rat Terriers in need.

4-month-old Sugar was dropped off by her owners in a California shelter with a note saying to please put her to sleep because her leg was broken and cost too much to fix. With the shelter full and no money for vet care, Ratbone stepped in and got Sugar seen by a vet and flown to an open fosterhome in Washington. She has had a X-ray of the shattered leg and is wearing a brace and being carefully monitored. She currently has has good blood flow to her toes and no pain, and she is walking and running happily. Sugar has long legs but is very tiny, at just 6 lbs

Joker is 100% a total goofball! He is capable of surprising you and making you laugh on a daily basis. He came to Ratbone after four years with his former adoptive family, who became too busy for him and could no longer provide the attention he craves. Joker is house trained and crate trained. He is about 5 years old and a muscular boy at 15 pounds. He loves to sit on your lap, go for walks, play outside, play with squeak toys, and he even likes baths! He just adores attention and laps it right up. Joker is being fostered in Maryland.

Mae West
May West is an affectionate, smart, and quirky Rattie girl who knows many obedience commands. She is about 5 years old and weighs 17 lbs. She prefers to be in a small dog pack—just one other calm dog or else an "only child." May doesn’t like to be without her human and will call out for you to come back. She does well being crated while her folks are at work and keeps a clean crate. She's an expert doggie door user or would do fine without one if kept on a schedule. May has learned many obedience commands: sit, down, stay, leave it, spin, reverse, and catch, as well as how to jump agility jumps! She is very food motivated and has an amazing desire to always learn more, so she would do well with someone who'd like to continue her training in obedience or agility. Mae West is fostered in Georgia.

Sorley’s name is Old Norse for “the summer traveler” and that’s exactly what he is. He had been found as a stray near the Georgia/Tennessee border. A shelter worker contacted Ratbone, who brought him to his foster home in southeast Georgia. He is a 1-year-old, tri-colored mini Rat Terrier weighing 14 lbs. He is good with children and ignores the foster family’s cat. Sorley is being fostered in Georgia.

Gidge is a wee little 10-lb., 5-year-old Rattie with lots of personality and affections to share. She is mostly housetrained with only an occasional accident, and crate trained. She knows several basic verbal commands, but needs some practice walking on a leash. This active girl loves the outdoors and enjoys runs and walks, but indoors is content to nap or snuggle on a lap. Gidge resides in Massachuettes.


Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...


Oh, I just realized I hadn't responded to your question about Achilles Tendonitis. Did you already have your appointment? I'd be happy to answer questions for you...perhaps on the phone would be easier. call me at 486-2634 :)


cindee said...

I would love to have them all(-: They are all so cute(-: That poor Sugar with the broken leg. How could someone not take her to the vet and just drop her off at a shelter. That is soooooooooo sad.

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