Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cousin Maureen's Visit

Jerry's cousin Maureen visited Marge this week. She is alot of fun - lots of energy and really fast northeast talker (Philly/New Jersey). Her plane for home leaves in about an hour. These photos are from Sunday when we all went to the Colonnade and then for ice cream at the The Cone Cabin.

Maureen with Eddie. She's a dog lover too.

Maurenn, Marge and Eddie with sunlight coming in from the window above the front doors. Funny what it did to Ed in this photo.

Daisey with her after-dinner ritual of wanting to smell your breath to figure out what you ate. First she got Maureen and then was on her way to sniff Marge.

Daisey standing on Maureen ensuring that Eddie couldn't get back up.

Finally a photo of me in my new sundress. I got smart in trying to photo myself - do it in front of the bathroom mirror then you can see the camera screen reflecting in the mirror and know if you are in the shot. Dah!


Julie said...

Oh...you look so pretty in your new dress! Did you sew it, per chance????? Love the color with your gorgeous hair!

My LIttle Family: said...

No, bought it onsale at Dillards. Was trying to get more of the dress but if I turned camera at other angel to get longer photo then couldn't push the shutter without shaking. Thanks, I'm, blushing :)

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