Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Way Back Wednesday

I must be in a rut because it's another night of playing Pogo online games and eating Popeye's fried chicken (8 pieces for $4.99 on Wednesdays). For me it's my mid-week treat :)

I stayed up waaaayyy toooo late watching the Olympics last night. Is anyone else out there in blogland tired in the mornings due to watching the events? Murphy must have scheduled the gymnastics (went until midnight).

The photo - this is my great, great, great, grandfather William Riley Gillihan Sr.'s Civil War photo. How lucky am I to have something like that? He was born in Tenessee in 1824 to Clement Gillihan and Nancy Shores. He married Nancy Wood in Smith county Tenessee on Jun 17th 1948. He's buried in Twin Creek cemetery, also known as Burgess Cemetery, in Izard county Arkansas. I find him on Izard county US censuses in 1870, 1880 and 1900 (there is no 1890 census). To get to this relative I go from my mom (Velear Barnes) to her mother (Ethel Vernolia Gillihan) to her father (Henry Newton Gillihan) to his father (William Riley Gillihan J.), and then to this handsome fellow.

Those "CartWho......" books I like for easy reading are about a journalist named Jim Qwilleran with an impressive moustache. I think about my GGG grandfather's moustache in this photo when I read these fun little mysteries. The description of the charachter's facial hair sounds very much like the moustache in this photo.

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cindee said...

My great grandfather was also in the civil war(-: They had great photographs back in those days didn't they???(-:

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