Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Way Back Wednesday

Way back Wednesday takes us to my 9th grade year in Arkansas.............

Here's the tag line from the photo when it appeared in the Jonesboro Sun: "WITH THE GOVERNOR - Gov. Dale Bumpers played host to two Annie Camp Junior High students recently at the capitol. Second from left is Vickie Manning; right is Mark Rhodes. The two students, civic students of Rep. Roscoe Brown (left), won a Law Day essay contest."

If was no surprize that the other student was a winner in the essay contest because he was some sort of brainiac but I think folks were surprized that I won. What they didn't know is that I liked to write and I came up with a good idea to present to the lawyers who judged the contest (know your audience, rule #1). Gov. Bumpers later went on to be a US Senator for many years.

Can you believe how short my dress is? Scandalous! I remember feeling strange and ugly with redhair and freckles and being taller than most boys in my class. Now when I look back I don't think I looked wierd at all. Could be a case of "the older I get, the better I was", LOL.


Renna said...

Very impressive! :-)

Your dress length looks pretty much like mine did at that age. I even have a picture of my mom and I standing side by side, each wearing mini-skirts and go-go boots (tho my skirt was considerably shorter than her's). Worse yet, we were on our way to church dressed that way! ;-Þ

PS-Thank you for the info about the dog harness. I was able to find them online. I think it's just what we need for our Min Pin. Most we've tried don't work because her chest is so big compared to the rest of her.

Julie said...

You look so sweet, cute...I love that sexy dress!!! LOL :)

Hey, I like the idea of the Dotee Doll swap...give me time to get well first so I can think straight about how I will do it! Maybe we could set a date for about Dec 1 and it can be a Christmas surprise for both of us! I will put mine on my tree! Great idea!!!

Juri said...

I stopped by your blog and have really enjoyed reading some of your posts and looking through your pictures! Your picture in this post made me smile...brought back the days when we wore such short skirts, and as Renna said...even to church!! You surely did look sweet in that picture!


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