Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eddie & The Toy Box

This is the dog's toy box with everything they "own". It's not often you see if like this because Eddie usually pulls toys out as I try to put them in. Any attention given to a toy, such as picking it up, suddenly makes it desireable even if it had previously been ignored for weeks.

I was trying to sort through the toys and pull out the ones they don't play with and the ones they mutilated by removing the squeeky, destuffing, and chewing off eyes and arms but, as you can see, Eddie had to take over.

Look at this sad lot above and below. Missing parts, flat, and dirty. Hard to believe that white goose gets washed about once a week. Seems he just loves to take it outside and leave it after it is freshly laundered then, when it gets dirty again, he brings it into the house for play.

Wjen I first got Eddie from Ratbone I was told that in temporary care he "does not seem to know what toys are". Daisey used to play with toys she but doesn't stand a chance now. Eddie thinks they are all his except for the Wubba that she guards. Interestingly, she taught him how to desqueek and destuff. These rat terriers are quick learners and they learn from each other.


cindee said...

LOL don't mess with my toys mom!!!! That is what Jack says when I go over to look at his toys. He will grab them away from me and run. SO I just re stack them all in his basket and he is happy. He won't part with anything. He doesn't care if the squeeker is gone either. My granddog Gus likes to do that to his toys too. But he still likes them squeeker or not. Rat terriers are a riot(-:

luvonne said...

Oh boy! My Sammy has the duck and the jax (multi-colored one) that Eddie has. How funny! Sammy completely wore out the jax, so I found a similar type toy, only it's an octopus. He still rummages through his toy basket for the old one. He likes to greet people at the door with his treasures. When we first got him, he would de-squeek and pull the stuffings out of the plush toys, so I had a talk with him...and surprisingly, he hasn't done it since then. Who knew I speak canine!!!

My LIttle Family: said...

Luvonne, the jax is the oldest plushie left. I've restuff and resewn it countless times. Since it had a squeeker in each arm of the thing, I could stay ahead of the destruction. I've givenup on it though because it's storn and my stitches are no longer holding. It has a little life left in it. I want to purge some old, flat toys but then they suddenly become their favorite! Vickie

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