Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall Colors Inside

I did my fall decorating yesterday. In about another month I will add some Halloween pieces indoors and out. When I remove those I will add a few Thanksgiving items. I guess I do fall in stages. I love fall, and other than Christmas, it's the only season I guess I decorate much for anymore (aside from front door wreath changes).

This photo is making my front doors look really drab and they aren't. At least I don't think they are! This is my little front door vignette with wreaths, scarecrow, bale of hay, basket of fake veggies and dried corn, a felt black cat, and a wooden Jack o'lantern. Oh and a fall welcome mat, of course.

I went back and forth on which table cover to put on the coffee table and choose the bright one for now and after halloween will switch to the one I really like. When you burn a candle in this holder you can see the fall colored glass.

A lousy shot of my mantle done by a lousy photographer (me). Fall leaf garland with bits of fall decorations.

The fall quilt over the chaise lounge and a fall quilted wallhanging on the dining room wall - yes, I still have those paint samples on the wall.

The fireplace seperates the living room and dining room. On the backside of the fireplace stack I hung my broom with a crow-witch.

On top of the display cabinet/bookshelf (where I keep my hull). I need some candles for the holders.

Dining room table. I see from the photo I really need to lower those curtains - the rod is too high. The only tapers I had in the house are those metallic gold swirled tapers because I am afraid to burn them, LOL.

This was my fall wreath from Kodiak (notice it's getting worn) but I have it inside on the door from the entry way to the garage (the door I locked myself out of this morning in my night gown).

Just a little fall color in the guest bathroom. A pumpkin candle holder and a couple leaves added to the candles that are always there. And, wierd as it may seem, am trying out a fall garland on top of the shower. Hard to get it to stay but I had one leftover so am giving it a try. Hard to turn a palm tree room into fall!

Now I couldn't leave the dogs out so here's photos of them eating their brekfast this morning - Daisey wearing her Indian corn scarf and Eddie wearing fall leaves. Click on any photo to enlarge.

I spent hours going through our garage yesterday looking for my fall wreaths. I couldn't figure out what hte heck happened. After talking to Jerr I realized they could be anywhere because he did a clean up job which means he stuffed stuff into whatever was closest and put boxes and totes away in random order. My Christmas totes had non-Christmas, etc. Finally I found a small box that was taped shut and nothing written on it. They had to be in there because I had opened everything else. The box was stuffed with wreaths! I usually hang them on wire clothes hangers bent up at the edges (two to a hanger) above the freezer but I couldn't reach due to junk in front of freezer so he got ahold of them and circumvented my organizaitonal plans. This wreath hanging technique is a good tip by the way! You may have to turn the hanger part 90 degrees depending on how you are going to hang them.


tina said...

I just love that glass table with the huge leaves on it. All looks like you are so ready for fall! I need to get motivated to decorate mine. Sigh.

Lola said...

I just wondered over via Tina "In The Garden". Love your blog, will add it to my watch list. I love your Fall decorations. Neckerchiefs for doggies, I love it. Too cute. Did you make the quilt? It's lovely. I use to do quite a few crafts but sadly ole' Arther stays with me now. I do love to garden but in a different way.
ROFLOL, You getting locked out in you PJ's. Too funny.

My LIttle Family: said...

Lola, i do miniature quilting but I didn't make either of the two you see in this post. Most of what I have made I have either sold or given away. Thanks for visiting. I tried to access your blog but don't see one :(

Julie said...

You are a genius to do all your decorating (at least priliminary decor) today...on Sunday the day before 1st day of fall! I am not that organized at all. Your home looks so clean and fresh...mine looks aweful. I need to mop floors and could not get up the gumption to do it! I did buy a flickering fake candle with spider webs on it today at the grocery store, and a pumpkin spice real candle last week! I am enjoying that!
Anyway...congrats on all your hard all looks fantastic!!! Maybe you have inspired me to get off my a - -!!!

tina said...

Lola has no blog. She just loves to read others and always comments. She lives VERY near to you in that area. She is the best kind of commenter for sure.

John said...

You have an interesting blog...What a cute dog! Can I adopt it? just kidding...Nice photos..

Rusty in Miami said...

Fall colors, that reminds me that I need to decorate my house for Halloween, is hard to get motivated with 90 degree weather outside.

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