Sunday, September 21, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday - Fall Colors

OK, so it is still summer here but since it is ofically fall I went outside this morning and took photos of plants with fall colors. It's overcast so it kinda looks like fall if you use your imagination and turn the AC way up! (Click on photos to enlarge a bit)

I forget the name of this shrub. I planted it last year in the spring after Conan the Landscaper clear cut me. I thought it was going to be a mid-height shrub from reading the instructions on the pot but it is way big and that's with a couple prunings. Hummingbirds like it so it stays.

Although I take the risk of making northern gardeners groan when I say this, I can always depend on the orchids for a bloom. This vanda is a bright orange.

My mystery plant. When I boughtit I thought it was in the cacti/succulnet family because that is where the lady hadit placed on her table but now I am thinking it acts more like a bromeliad and Isaw a brom page on the internet with a plant lookinging exactly the same. Beautiful color if it doesn't get too much sun - and it jumps back quickly when moved to lesser sun.

One lone Hibicus but in a beautiful fall color.

And finally bouganvilla, apricot is close enough to orange for a Florida gardener!

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