Sunday, September 14, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

In case anyone was worried about my Eddie after the humiliating Rooster photo incident, don't be - he is alive and well as proved by these photos taken today. No rat terriers were harmed during said photo session.

I decided to do only screen porch garden photos today. Here is the view from sliding door in the kitchen and taken while I was working at my sewing machine. The dogs typically stay around me but to Eddie being in the screen porch alone is OK when he can see me through the glass door. In this photo he is enjoying his favorite pastime of lizard hunting. He's in my Cats and Dens.

The little corner area where Ed has turned over and broke many a pot. I call it my shard corner, LOL. Jerry calls it a mosquito breeding ground because the water stands after watering.

This corner of my screen porch is for orchids that prefer a shadier, perhaps even cooler, climate. Notice how they look unhappy - it is hot!

Eduardo sees something but it is up high on the screen. He will wait forever for it to come closer and usually accompanied by a sound track that only a rattie can perform.

Even a hunter likes the comforts of home so he moves his surveillance to a more comfortable post. Our screen porch is filled with orchids, a table 4 chairs and stero for humans, and a dog bed & blankie for the furkids.

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Julie said...

How sweet that Eddie is! LOL...I love dogs! Your orchids are so nice...I wish I could get entralled by them...went to an orchid show and sale yesterday and again, I was not moved to buy one! Isn't that strange??? They are so gorgeous...but I did comment to my daugher that I am much more attracted to there roots!

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