Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Love This Skit (you do have to wait for the short ad to run first)

I know someone who knows Tina Fay and the day it was announced that Sarah Palin would be John McCain's running mate, the first thing I did was call her and see if she knew that Tina and Sarah looked alot alike (I lived in Alaska 15 years and had seen the Gov's photo). I've been waiting for a skit like this to show up on SNL. I bet there will be more to come, especially if John McCain is elected, because Tina Fay nailed it!

I was a Hillary supporter and even I thought it was hysterical. Amy Pohler did a great job as an angry Hillary. Is she pregnant? Amy P not Hillary.

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Julie said...

OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!

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