Monday, September 15, 2008

Made It Myself Monday

I now have all 8 vests sewn together but had to stop for more supplies. I should have them completed, velcro and all, by the end of the week. And, with timely similarity, I happened to find a bag of fabric I purchased a year ago last October when I first made dog harness/vests. So now I have some Halloween, chili peppers, Americana, and a few more designs for making more! We'll see - I may just get sick of them and put them aside for another two years!

I've had this dog fabric awhile having brought it from Kodiak I believe. Never found the right use for it but this is perfect, don't ya think? The wine fabric is a very nice fabric- beautiful colors, a nice hand, and great to work with.

These are my last two of this group. Six are oging to an online friend for a fundraiser and I guess I will list the last two in my new Etsy store. Wish me luck for the motivation to continue with at least a few more because I've made another committment, LOL.

Oh! I almost forgot. We had a little nail clipping accident last night that got pretty scary. It took us over a half hour to get Daisey's nail to stop bleeding. I was a little freaked out. Jerry and I worked on her with one of those stick things for when you cut yourself shaving. I held her in my arms, rubbed her belly and whispered quietly to her to keep her calm while he worked the paw. She was falling asleep through the ordeal! Then it hit me that perhaps she was passing out or weak from the loss of blood! She is so my baby and I worry about her needlessly. At one point I thought of going out at 10pm at night to get her a steak to avoid anemia. I even went as far as to figure out that I could one at the Super Target or order from Sam Seltzer's Steakhouse which isn't far from my house. I was thinking of ordering a big Porterhouse, extra rare, to go. I'm a nervous mommy I guess.


luvonne said...

Oh, I've had many problems with Sammy and his nails in the past. Now, when we do it, I just clip the very tips with the clippers, and then I use a nail file (the really rough kind for use with acrylic nails)and file down the rest until they are nice and trim. Oh don't like nail files do you??? Nevermind :)

Julie said...

OMG! A fine steak for a fine little doggy! Poor thing. I'm sorry for your nail accident. I am always scared to cut! I have to take my dog to someone else...I am such a weenie! LOL.

Hey...I want to buy a harness from you! I must xcheck out your store...I didn't realize you had one...did I??? I am dense sometimes! I need to re-measure her.

My LIttle Family: said...

Luvonne - your remember! I can't stand emory boards. I shut my eyes or whince when I go to a nail salon.

Julie - this was out first time to clip Daisey's and it will be the last until I get that device.

OMG, I gotta go! The evil chihuahua just pooped and then sat in it. Yuck!!!! Someone please steal that dog away from me!

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