Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Way Back Wednesday

This is a photo of me from the summer or fall of 1976 when I was 18. It's black and white because it was used in the newspaper as an engagement announcement. Notice the braces! I didn't want to get married with braces so I was married in January 1977 (at age 19) following the December removal of braces.

Notice I also had Farrah Facett hair. The only makeup I wore back then was eye makeup. At this time in my life I loved denim, Saturday Night Live and a little chihuahua puppy named Moon Unit (a.k.a. Mooney). I used to carry a large purse and sneak him in everywhere I could.

Maybe next Wednesday I'll post some post-braces wedding photos. I still have them around here somewhere even though we divorced after 9 years. They are still my memories so I keep them. Does that sound wierd to anyone?


Julie said...

You are so adorable! EVEN with braces! I kept pics of my first wedding! Can't wait to see your wedding pics!!!

tina said...

Beautiful picture and you can almost kind of tell your hair is red too!

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