Friday, September 19, 2008

Struttin Down Central

Yesterday I walked down Central Ave for lunch and took a few photos on my way back to the office.

There's someone who does chalk work on the sidewalks and yesterday he did a couple simple hearts. Sometimes it's bible versus and sometimes it's elaborate pictures. I always sonder what compels a person to do sidwalk chalk art in such a busy pedestrian area.

These red patio sets caught my attention - especially since last week they were black!. I have the same set rusting on my patio. The red really added some color to my stroll.

Graffi can be found just about anywhere these days. This was on the side of a newspaper stand. Again, is this urban art and what motivates one to do a public display? Or, is it vandalism? Perhaps something in between.

The awning that says Utility Accounts leads into the lobby of the City where you pay your wter bill. I work in the same department, just not at this entrance any more.

ANd finally, there are four of these very tall bird sculptures but I've had a tough time shooting them. Hard to believe someone stole one once because they are tall and appear to be very heavy.


Julie said...

I love these red tables also! You better paint yours!!! LOL :)

Julie said...

Hey Vickie, I just noticed the drawing for the 2008 Ratbone Rescues Quilt
will happen on Monday!!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed!!! I want my Daisy square in a quilt!!! :)

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