Sunday, September 7, 2008

Made It Myself Monday

My pup-pups are only modeling. I made these harness vests for someone on
Here's Miss Daisey wearing a bright red traaditional Austrian cotton print. My buddy Herta T. from Kodiak brought me some high-quality cottons from one of her trips to Austria.

Eddie is sporting a harness vest as well only this was made from a cotton batik that coworker Dana brought back from a trip to Bali.

As you can see my friends travel and I reap the benefits, LOL!


Julie said...

I really love the first one...but the second one is extra special being made form material from Bali!!! They are both just fantastic design and colors!

luvonne said...

I love them terribly. Unfortunately, Tony DETESTS clothing on dogs. One day, Sammy came home from a day-long appt. with the vet, and since he was so good, they put a bandana around his neck ('cause he is so special). It came off the second we got home, and I never heard the end of it. I thought that was such a nice thing for the vet to do. Hey, has Chloe ever gotten one?? He he he....

Jacky said...

Love the little jackets, very special...and what wonderful models!

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