Sunday, September 7, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

Turns out I don't have time to go take photos of oak trees today so I am doing Green Thumb Sunday from my own backyard, again. Here's three photos involving my bulbophyllum - each showing a closer view and #3 has a surprise in it!

A little closer..................................
Surprise! Look who has been living in my plant this summer. He is unhappy when I water so I try to be respectful of his home.

These next two photos are shocking. My succulents wreaths are now about 4 years old and falling apart. The last two years I have tried to add more moss, dirt, and even replant the ones that fall out but it is not working. HELP!

Time for the ever-dependable orchids........................

And the final Green Thumb shot is of my old birdbath. It's seen a lot of use in the past 3 years. About a year ago I moved it about 8 feet and I don't believe the birds like it as much. They don't realize it's actually safer for them.

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Julie said...

Succulent wreaths are a pain in the butt. I took mine apart and planted them individually...I couldn't take it! Your gorgeous orchids are lookin fine!!! Maybe I should make the switch to orchids...I like the "ever dependable" part of them!!!

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