Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Well we have another hurricane expected to come into the Gulf. For some reason I worried about this one from the beginning with little care about Hanna or Josephine. We made our yearly preparations with Gustav so except for last minute stuff, I feel confident I have prepared. Jerry brought some additional garage door braces yesterday.

I am determined to do a Green Thumb Sunday and thought I would photo a couple of the old oak trees around here because if we ever had a hurricane hit directly, some would be gone. I also need to buy velro (because I made two dog harness vests for a friend on, would like to go to the library, would like to get started on a quilting project, need to purchase something to remove cat urine and its odors, and would like to try another photo transfer but with success this time. Plus, I told my mom we would do something today. Whew, I better get started!

Oh - does anyone know where to order Christmas cards made from a photo? I see nice ones online but they all have multiple images making them spendy. I want a single photo on the front of card stock and only a greeting inside. Anyone had them made?


tina said...

I didn't know Ike had changed his path. Looks like it will miss you and probably me too. You can buy those photo cards ready to print so you can make your own. I got mine on sale at Target one year. Guess the next thing to do would be to use them:)

luvonne said...

Why yes Vickie, I happen to know a place online that does a very good job. Go to They do really come out well, you can use your own photos or choose one from theirs and they have oodles of subject card insides. I've done both cards and postcards, and they are very professional card stock and glossy. They will even mail them for you, and include a gift card if you choose. You just have to set up your acct info. It's fantastic. Please don't tell me it's time to think about Christmas already...

My LIttle Family: said...

Yes Luvonne, it is time to start thinking of Christmas already. I guess you postal employees would prefer to think it isn't going to happen this year, LOL. Thanks for the tip on USPS. I am very pleased with the services of hte post office but did not realize they did cards. Thanks for the helpful tip!

By the way, I may be thinking of Christmas but I haven't put out my fall decoration just yet. I bought new ribbon for my fall wreaths because the old bows are looking tired. I have double doors so I have to buy two of everything, ugh.

Julie said...

Glad Ike will miss us all here in Florida! Thank God! I was thinking of how I might have had some time to work on my stamp collection (in the dark with my headlamp on) though!!! LOL.

That USPS card tip is great...may have to take a look myself!!!

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