Saturday, September 6, 2008

My First Attempt At Photo Transfer

You can click on the image to get a much better view. This is my first attempt at getting an image from my computer onto fabric and I burned it. Jerr says it's not burned but it is. I can see lighter circles in the burned area - they are the steam holes of the iron. It was a practice run anyway. I also want to reverse the image next time so that when it is applied it is correct and not the mirror image. Overall all I like the effect I made and I don't even mind the little cracked area and part where the color did not iron onto the fabric. I believe it gives it charachter.

With this new-found craft my head is spinning with ideas. A couple blocks for next year's ratbone raffle quilt, quilt blocks of my ancestors so that I can make a family quilt, a wallhanging of all my pets past and present, oh how the list goes on...........

1 comment:

Jacky said...

I love this photo clever are you?
I have enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing your gorgeous dogs and your extended family...lots of fun.

p.s. thanks for popping by and visiting my blog.

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