Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vacation Photos - Dad's 80th Birthday

It's gonna take a while to catch up on vacation photos and stories. I'll start with the most important reason we went to Arkansas and Missouri - Dad's 80th birthday. After a great time in Branson with the cousins, Dad, Jerr & I returned to Dumas (where there was no wireless available) on Tuesday, October 14th. My step-siblings cleaned the house and decorated for the party while we were in Branson. They made steaks, salad, twice-baked potatoes, and a birthday cake with 80 candles on it!

Siblings Justin & Hannah - two of the three kids of my stepsister Ann & her husband Eddie

My step sister Ann. It ended up taking 4 of us to get all those candles lit at once. Needless to say, there was a lot of wax on that cake.

Jarrod, one of two sons of my step brother Terrell & his wife Phillis. I graduated high school with Phillis. In the background is Eddie, Ann's husband.

My Dad all full from a big dinner. Ann make him a special hamburger steak smothered in onion and brown gravy.

Party scene clockwise at 12 o'clock: Paul (my step sister Reba's husband), Justin, Lawrence (my step sister Judy's husband), Judy (backside), step sister Reba (backside) and my step brother Terrell.

My step sister Reba on the left and Phillis (Terrell's wife) on the right.

My step sister Samantha - the baby!

The last one is of Andrew, Ann & Eddie's boy.

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Julie said...

What a great party for your Dad!!! It's nice when so many of the family can get together! I know your Dad was so happy!!!

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