Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vacation Photos - From Little Rock to Branson

This is a photo Jerry took of my Dad & me outside a Kroger's store in Little Rock. I thought the display was lovely and it explained to Jerry why I am so obsessed wth seasonal decorations - seemed all of Arkansas was decked out with pumpkins, mums, & scarecrows! This was taken the evening we spent in Little Rock before departing for Bransont he next morning.

We had a lovely drive through the Ozarks. Here is a photo of the woods. Quite different than all the evergreens of the Pacific Northwest!

Here's a closeup of the beautiful leaves and acorns that were calling it "fall" LOL. We were a little early for the full-on color change but we did see it's beginnings.

I typically avoid "roadside attractions" but we kept seeing this sign for an Arkansas Natural Bridge that I just couldn't pass up all in the spirit of a leisurly trip.

This was the visitor's center for the park. I dreamt about living in a small cabin in the mountains that night.

The second cabin in the park was used as a mini museum with old tools, kitchen ware, etc. The photo is of a REAL still (no longer in use) under the house.

Dad & Jerry by one of several large stone orbs. Not sure if these were natural or not.

Me in front of beautiful foliage. I wanted to stand futher away from the tree but Jerry kept insisting closer and closer until I finally stepped into a spider web! I slapped my head over and over to get the web and it's occupants out of my hair.

Final photo of Dad on the path to the bridge. Impressive rocks.


Julie said...

How absolutely beautiful. I want to dream about staying in a little cabin in the woods with Antonio Banderas!!!
Such a beautiful trip! Love the Natural Bridge! My husbnad and I always go off the road for these sightseeing natural attractions! Beautiful!!!

Kerri said...

Branson is so beautiful in the fall. I love all the colors of the trees and the weather is usually wonderful. I live in Texas, and we don't really have a fall, so I'm excited to get to Branson this year. I love your pictures! Happy travels!

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