Friday, October 24, 2008

Vacation Photos - Branson

I went to the Dr. yesterday because my respitory infection turned into an ear infection. I am home again today so thought I would spend some of my "extra" time posting more vacation photos before I fall asleep again from meds.

Who knew our hotel would be next door to the Titantic? My cousin Diane wanted so badly to be photographed on the top of the ship saying "I'm King of the world!" Our time in Branson was so short we didn't visit this museum but Dad, Jerry, & I did visit a couple others after Diane & Linda left (one day before us). More on those museum later.

Cousins Linda, Diane, and I got manicures before we out that night for dinner and a show. Ironically our color choices were red (Linda), white (me), and blue (Diane).

Here's the group at our Tepanyaki dinner - Jerry, me, Linda, Dad, and Diane. I have no idea why Diane hates being photographed - she's cute as bug!

My cousin Diane's super comfy car. The cousins drove 9 hours each way in this little Cadillac.

The three cousins went shopping twice in two days. Boy can those girl shop! It was Diane's birthday so Linda & I went together and bought her a purse she admired but would not buy for herself. Funny, both started the shoppin trip by saying they weren't going to buy for the grandkids on this trip.....yeah, right.


Julie said...

You guys are all cute as buttons! I like the shopping part of your trip! It looked like such fun! I want to be in the family! LOLOL!!!

Sarah said...

It looks like you had a great time! I went last July and just had a wonderful time. We didn't get a chance to go to the Titanic, but we went on the Branson Belle, and I highly recommend it.

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