Thursday, October 30, 2008

Great Buys for Doggies at Target

I stopped at Target on the way home tonight and in that special value area in the front, they had a section of 2/$5 dog items relating to winter and/or Christmas. There were GREAT values in there. This means that despite student loan payment begining shortly, I will be able to participate in being a secret Santa for a couple of homless foster dogs. Yippee!!!

I don't normally use my blog to promote a retail giant like Target but hey, when you see a HUGE value you just gotta share it!


Julie said...

Sweet! I will go check it out this weekend for my Doozey!!!

My LIttle Family: said...

Julie, you better hurry because the pet items in the dollar bins go fast! I beleive you will find a lot of selection in Doozey's size. If you can't find wha tyoua re looking for, le tme know and I will look at my Target. Vickie

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