Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween At Work

Me and a coworker at work today. Cowork er (on left) dressed as a crazy lady and me as a clown.


Julie said... neat! Did everyone dress up, or just the two of you??? Makes for a fun work day! I took Doozey, my Mom, dtr, and friend to the mall tonight, but they didn't do trick of treat for the kids...made for a quiet evening esp. for the dog...she did not let out a peep at the to non-stop barking at home with all the kids coming to the door! Nice eveing! It was Doozeys first time riding in her new pet stroller!!! She stood up the whole time, all the way up to nearly the end, when we went in to the Swarovsky store, then she finally relaxed and sat down! She was a true lady...I think she wanted a new Swarovsky necklace!!!

Wicked Gardener said...

Ha! Those are great! I love offices that let you dress up! Clowns are creepier than any thing, BTW.

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