Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Night

A couple shots of the scary front yard and a close up of the ceramic luminarias. I found these cool battery operated tea lights at Walgreen 6/$5 so I didn't have to worry about kid's costumes getting close to a flame.

Spidetr web (what a mess) and my old skelton. Apparently the battery wore out because it didn't sing to anyone last night - it sure did throughout the year when we went into the garage!

My wooden Jack O'Lantern. I just love this thing for some reason although you can hardly tell there is a candle in it.

Eddie tired out from answering the door and keeping guard on mamma . I like this photo because he has Halloween eyes!

Two fabric pumpkins on th emantle. Also you can see a childhood photo of me and my AA graduaton photo from 1996 (Kodiak college).

Miss Daisey relaxing with her granny while we waited for trick or treaters. She was actually more verbal than Eddie toward the trick or treaters. Go figure.....

My black cat on the mantle. The candles burning were pumpkin scented. Yummy. I'll switch over to thanksgiving decos soon.

The last of the candy. I ended up giving everything I had left at 930 to two boys and then turning off the lights. We had over 200 kids and they came from 6pm to 9:30. They were all ages too! Had plenty of young teens who did some really interesting costumes.

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tina said...

I'd love a singing skeleton in my garage. Hope the dogs weren't too scared with trick or treaters. Mine were real good. I was proud:)

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