Monday, October 13, 2008

Living It Up In Branson

Shoji Tabuchi

Sunday was a great day. I just LOVE my cousins! Us cousins, my Dad, and hubby started with breakfast at the hotel again. There's been no need to go out because they have a big breakfast buffet included. I've had biscuits and gravy and Jerr's had Belgium waffles everyday. Then we went shopping at the other side of the outlet mall where the designer handbag stores are located. Let's such say we got FABULOUS deals and the Coach store didn't do too bad either, LOL. Next it was to the nail salon for mani/pedis. Then off to buy tickets to a show and then dinner.

We went to a Teppanyaki restaurant for dinner and it was a blast. My cousins had always wanted to try this type of restaurant and Jerry & I love it so it was an excellent choice. Even Dad was happy and he's a picky eater. Cousin Linda was at the center seat and was wearing a top with a low decollatage so the chef focused on her big time. We all laughed and she in particular had a great time which she deserves. Then we went to the Shoji Tabuchi show. Very good performance. He is a classically trained violenist and while in college in Osaka Japan went to a Roy Acuff and the Smokey Mountain Boys concert. That was it - he wanted to become an America Country music fiddler. You can Google to learn more about him but I'll just had to say he is very talented.

We ended the night with cocktails in the jacuzzi again. It was an evening of family, good food, exceptionaly entertainment, laughter, and commorodorie. It was a fabulous day. Sadly, the cousins had to leave early this morning. They have a 9 hour drive back to Chicago and they both have to work tomorrow. We all hated to see them leave; however, there was talk of a cousin reunion in the future in New York centered around Broadway plays and shopping :)

Funny note - For the first time since before I was born my Manning family did not have an annual family reunion but my cousins have been having brief get togethers with 3 or 4 family members. They said they are having the family reunion one family member at a time. LOL.

Today I went to this huge quilt and fabric shop that I remembered from a previous trip to Branson, It is so overstimulating and overwhelming that the only thing I purchased was a gift for my mom who is house and dog sitting. Then the three of us went to Veterans Memorial Museum with wonderful collections from WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, & Desert Storm. Dad's a Korea vet and Jerr VietNam. They had names on the walls of all the service people killed during each conflict. The WWII part was very moving with over 400,000 names and this HUGE bronze sculture of 50 servicemen (lifesize). Each was labeled with his name and the state that he was from (one from each state) and the face was his likeness. None of us had ever seen anythig like it, In addition, this is a private museum and receives no federal funding.


Julie said...

Everything just sounds wonderful!!! Keep having a blast!!! I particularly like the cocktails in the jacuzzi part!!!

My LIttle Family: said...

Cocktails in the Jacuzzi really wipes you out! Just got back from another round.

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