Thursday, October 2, 2008

Made It Myself Monday & Way Back Wednesday

My computer has a problem....I'm using my Dad's. I've been hesitating to install the software for my digital camera on his computer so that I could share photos on the blog. Tonight I just plugged in the USB and it had it's own program for extracting photos and it was much easier to use than the program that came with the camera so I am back to blogging!

Let's start with Way Back Wednesday - OK, it wasn't that way back as these are only photos from last weekend, LOL. But, since they are of a birthday dinner, I think we can classsify them as Way Back.

Above is photo of my hubby and mother-in-law at her 87th birthday dinner. Below is MIL eating birthday cake. I am such a bad photographer I forgot to take a photo of the lovely cake until AFTER it was cut. It was a marble cake with chocolate moose in it. (I'm such an Alaskan that is the only way I know how to spell moose!)

And for Made It Myself (Last) Monday:

Actually I finished this purse tonight but I have been working on it since Monday. I already mailed the items I finished on Monday. I made two reversible dog coats from this Alabama fabric for an online friend. They are team fabric on one side and corduroy on the other. I also made her two of the harness vest I've shown before but from the Bama fabric. I forgot to take photos, ugh.

I'm trying to come up with ideas to use up the leftovers. Not huge pieces left so it has been a challange. I made this sweet little purse - the first purse I have made since high school. Don't ya just love the handles? I made them from cotton duck, a very thick stabalizer, and ribbon with a floral motif. The handles are my favorite part!

Here's a close up of the ribbon. Just love that very small check. I actually bought three spools and used two on this project. Since I had a big print (the team logo) and a medium print in the starfish (?), thought the ribbon should be the smallest print of the three spools so add variety to the scale of fabrics.

For the inside of the purse I used some fabric a Kodiak friend brough back from Bali. I made pockets of the starfish-ish fabric and trimmed with the ribbon - again three sizes of print. The pattern wasn't particuarily difficult but because I used such a stiff stabalizer, which I found out was only supposed to be used for the BOTTOM of the purse, it made some of the work VERY difficult and I broke two sewing machine needles in the process. I went back and forth on a closure for the purse but I didn't like any I tried so I am not adding one.


Julie said...

This has to be the CUTEST PURSE EVER!!! I love black and white check patterns...

tina said...

HA HA-I get the moose. Too cute!

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