Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Vote For Ratbone

Eddie the Rat Terrier that I adopted from Ratbone Rescues 4 years ago - and what an wondeful 4 years they have been! and The Animal Rescue Site have put together a contest where animal shelters can win grants totaling $100,000.00! The grants are awarded based on votes received for a particular shelter. PLEASE help me to help Ratbone receive some of that money to be used toward rescue, vet costs, shots, worming, heartworm preventative, spay/neuter, rehabilitaiton, rehoming, etc. for the dogs that Ratbone takes in. IT COSTS YOU NOTHING except a couple minutes of your time AND you can vote once a day until December 4th!. Here's how it works:

Go to:

You will find a purple box on the page that asks for Shelter Name (type in RATBONE RESCUES), Country (will default to USA), State (Select FL or FLORIDA from drop down menu), and you don't have to add the City (but if you want to you could enter JACKSONVILLE), then hit the SEARCH button.

Ratbone and its information will then populate in the area just below where you entered your info and you will have an option to submit your vote; however, it will direct you to one more page where you are asked to identify the animal in the photo - this is to be sure it is humans voting and not a computer program. They want simple answers like lion or fish not striped bass or toy fox terrier. This is where you will also find the actual VOTE button. Be sure to hit the button or your vote won't count.

There is no registration, nothing to sign up for, no nothing. PLEASE take a moment of your time to vote even if you have your own shelter to vote for. If you aren't involved with a shelter or rescue group, please consider Ratbone. In these hard economic times it is getting more difficult to do the work we do and volunteers are having to choose between rescue and their own personal expenses. You could help save the lives of many a Rat Terrier by simply voting once a day. Licks and Kisses to all who help!


Julie said...

CHECK...done! (At least for today)!

My LIttle Family: said...

Thanks Julie - yes, it is a task to remember to keep doing it day after day. My memory is ot that good!

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