Monday, October 27, 2008

My Little Honeybee

She's no witch - she's a honey bee!

If Daisey ain't cute, there is no such thing as cute!


Julie said...

Yes her is!!!!! Sweet honeybee!

cindee said...

OMG I am cracking up!!! They are all so cute!!! Don't you just love dressing them up!!!! Jack looks at me like... ok I will tolerate your amusement one more He is so good to me(-: I loved the rooster costume as soon as I saw it at Target! I originally saw the king costume at WM and was going to get that but when I saw the rooster I said to my DH oh Jack has to be that!!!!LOL The funny thing is we have a rooster that is big and white like that!!! To funny! I guess Jack loves me as much as I love him or he would run and hide when he saw me coming in the door with a He also got a box of toys that were from WM. A furry pumpkin, a ball and a bone. All were squeaky toys which he loves(-: Thanks for sharing your pictures I really enjoyed them!!!

Anonymous said...

those costumes are so adorable! I tried to get my cat Petey to wear a costume once and let's say things didn't go too well...he wasn't a happy camper. But I liked looking at yours :)

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