Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scary Garden

I am considering turning my front yard (garden area) into a really scary walkway area for Halloween. I usually keep it seasonal but not scary. Our neighborhood is very popular for trick or treating because cars can park at entry and kids can hit 50 houses by sidewalk. All the neighbors participate and most come outside and set up tables, chairs, and candy in the driveway. Lots of people iwth small kids come to my neighborhood and even my simple autumn scarecrows freightens some of them. Humm....what do ya think? should I be the scary house this year?

1 comment:

Rusty in Miami said...

Yes do it, I think people are getting away from the Halloween tradition. In my neighborhood we get less kids every year. Parents a scared and take their kids to the mall for trick or tread. What kind of fun is that???

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