Monday, November 10, 2008

Daisey's Day Out

Daisey heard there was going to be an event at her Vet's office on Satuday and insisted I take her. Thinking it was some sort of party, she wanted to wear her party dress. Turns out it was an open house but not just an average open house - it was very well organized and very educational. They did a great job!

It started with a map of the clinic which turned out to be much larger than I thought. The map guided you to different rooms, each having different issues and displays. For examples, parasites, dental, and vaccinations. We spent alot of time in the surgery room and watched the procedure pictured below:

HaHa - gotcha! You didn't really think they would let lookie-lous in a sterile surgical environment? What you are seeing is squeaky toy surgery where the vet assistant restuffs and adds a new squeaker to your old toys. She clamps the opening closed and then uses sutures to close. I thought that was a very clever demonstration.

There were raffles, prizes, refreshments, vendors, rescue groups, and more. I found the boarding areas interesting since I have left my babies there while we've been out of town. It won't be long before we are back there again because Eddie is licking his hind end and now I can see red bumps developing!


Julie said...

Oh...nothing tops a pretty dress on a pretty girl! Did you sew it??? Give Miss Daisy a kiss from me!!!

My LIttle Family: said...

Miss Daisey says "thank you"! I did not sew this dress - it is a Zach & Zoey. I am going to have to sew it though because I need to do alteration to get it to fit better. Miss D is quite slim, lucky girl!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Cute pup. Abby would have shredded it.

tina said...

I hope Eddie is okay! I just spent a bunch of money on my mutts. Urgh!

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