Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lousy Dog park

We have plenty of dog parks and dog beaches around here (in Pinellas county). Today I decided to take the ratties to one in Safety Harbor, a quaint little town. I had followed good instructions to the park but didn't find it. I found a recycling center, asked someone recycling plastic bottles, and she said she thought the dog park was the other direction. I knew I hadn't passed it so I left and went further north and looked and saw that kinda behind/beside the recycling place was a fenced area. I thought "no, that can't be it" then I barely glimpsed a man with a leash in his hand. I went back.

It starts with no designated parking area. This is sort of a circle to driving up to different recycling bins. Once you park you have to step over wire rope to get to the park area. The only opening is between recycle bins.

The two signs should have scared me off but I was determined to check it out. I've never been to a park where it is one person at a time; afterall, socializing for humans and canines is a big part of the dog park experience. And I can see why they don't want to be responsible as this park felt unsafe for me and my pup pups. It was too secluded for my taste. If anything happened there would be no one to see or hear it. There are no lights and a single gate - dog parks typically have a double gate to avoid escape.

The only bench is outside the park and I assume for the people waiting their turn. I wouldn't sit on that thing. It's warped and covered in bird poo. The better dog parks have metal benches and they are placed in both sunny & shady spots.

This is a shot toward the entry from the back end of the park. It is a big park and the rectangle shape makes it a good park for rattie runs. I was also impressed that it had very little fecal matter. Perhaps that is because no one goes there???? The poop bags were very nice quality too.

Daisey & Eddie did not share my concerns. They were interested in the new smells. Daisey actually gave a few runs and was much more comfortable leaving mamma's side than normal - perhaps that had to do with the long, narrow shape of the park.

This is the backgate of the park and appears to go into wildernes as there are no houses, road, etc. I saw where it was rigged with fencing because the gate doesn't close properly, what I didn't realize until I saw Eddie on the other side of the fence is that it wasn't suffcient.
Heck! I could escape from that! Luckily Eddie must have understood the seriousness of my voice while yelling at him to get back in the gate and he came immediately. Whew.

This is the glass recycling bin we walked past when we left. Nice, eh? I was thinking if I got just the right shot it could look like Daisey & Eddie had a party but I am too lousy of a photographer to pull that off. LOL


cindee said...

Yikes that sounds like a pretty difficult doggie park. only one family in the park at a time? That seems weird for a park. Secure fencing is a must for a rattie too. Glad everyone was safe(-:

Julie said...

That has to be the worst dog park in the whole COUNTRY! They should be ashamed of that trash! WOW! Maybe now they have been exposed something will be done. Unbelievable!!!

Poppy said...

That is one sad dog park if you can call it that. Your dogs seemed not to mind it being a dump.

Jill in Florida

lzyjo said...

Poop bags, that's a very interesting topic. All of the parks in Nashville are stocked with super deluxe Mutt Mitts, with several layers of plastic and a reinforced bottom. The ones out here in the country aren't nearly as nice, much more "up close and personal", if ya know what I mean. ;) What a way to cut costs. I guest it doesn't matter because I can't take my dog anywhere without my barking at every person he sees. It's waaaaay too embarrassing.

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