Saturday, November 8, 2008

Orchids That Haven't Bloomed

I tend to post photos of my orchids in bloom and I thought it was time to show that a) they aren't always blooming, b) some have NEVER blomed for me, and c) they can be nice as just plants, LOL.

I've had this little number for probaky 4 or 5 years - no blooms yet. I thought it was a miniature orchid but turns out it was an infant and probably has a bit of maturing to do before it will bloom.

This is my leafless orchid known as the Ghost Orchid and featured in the film Adaptation. Don't worry, I did not poach it from the wilderness; instead, I bought one over the internet that has been started from seed. I believe it is about three years old. It's most unique feature is that when it bloms, it will do so from the roots since it has no leafs. For some perspective, the slab of wood is probably 4" tall.

This orchid has interesting foliage, especially considering that orchids are not known for nice foliate. In fact some people state they are ugly plants with beautiful flowers. I found this one so cool that I bought an expensive, fancy, handmade orchid pot for it!

I struggled to keep this one alive and now that it is doing better (it was weaned too young from its mamma, lol) that I put it in a very nice pot.


cindee said...

I love orchids but they don't grow for me. If I had a greenhouse I guess I could get one to grow but I don't have a greenhouse.)-: I had a friend that use to grow them in the house and they did really well. I just can't seem to get mine to make it inside. Yours are so pretty. I would love to see the leaveless one bloom. That is a very interesting plant.

Julie said...

I like all of these! Makes me want to look into orchids a bit more!

Anonymous said...

Do you know the name of the orchid with the fancy leaves?

My LIttle Family: said...

Anonymous - the tag is missing from that plant. I looked at my big orchid book but it is lousy on foliage photos choosing to display flowers instead. I have a smaller book that is much better at showing foliage but I cna't put my hand on it right now. Check back again sometime.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I feel the same way about bromiliads. Nobody wants them unless they are in bloom.

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