Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Way Back Wednesday

I saved these vacation photos for Way Back Wednesday because they are photos of historic Washington, Arkansas. For those who live on the east coast this architecture may seem like nothing special but for this area it is quite unusual to have so many structures from the early 1800's.

We started with a tour of the 1874 Hemstead County courthouse. It was used as a courthouse until 1939. Today it is the Old Washington Historic State Park's information center, with museum exhibits, and a gift shop. I took a photo of the beautiful staircase but the lighting was all wrong and it didn't turn out. Beautiful turned wood double staircase.

The first photo is of the Williams Tavern Restaurant. In it's early tradition, this building is still used to serve delicious southern meals every day.

Crouch House (c. 1857). Greek Revival

One of these small buildings was a lawyer's office but I can't remember which one :( Click here to view an interactive map of the town's historic buildings. You just click on a building on the map and it will give you a popup with a photo and information on the buiding.

I'm really wishing I had taken more photos and visited more of the buildings or taken the guided tour. I had no idea when we stopped how much there was to see and photograph or how interesting it would be. We hadn't alloted enough time. You might want to check out the park, buildings, and historical significence by visiting their website here.

Beyond visiting family, we have had some great vacation times in Arkansas. There's horse races and natural mineral baths in Hot Springs, fishing and birdwatching at DeGray Lake and many river lodges like Table Rock Lake, diamond mining in Murfreesboro, duck hunting in Stuttgart, etc. I believe Arkansas is a well kept secret and if you are looking for a natural vacation in an area with low crime and reasonable prices, check it out.

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Dale said...

That restaurant looks much more like a house.

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