Saturday, December 6, 2008

Busy Weekend

It feels like I have million things to do this weekend since I will not be able to do them next weekend now that I am going to Beverly Hills. This photo just fell out of a photo album so I thought it was it's destiny to be posted!

Any of you single gals out there trying to meet an outdoors man online, you are welcome to photoshop your head into my photo, LOL! Seriously though, this was taken about 20 years ago on the Kenai River while I was fishing for silver salmon (Coho). A fallen photo can bring back many good memories. (To add some perspective to the size of the fish we were catching off the bank, I am 5'7")


tina said...

Pretty great looking fish! Good job!

luvonne said...

Good picture, Tony was impressed, and especially liked your "Coke" hat.

JaMean said...

You are TOO funny! Photoshop your head in...hehehe!

I AM impressed! Nice fishies! :)

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