Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chloe got Liquids!

I called the E-Vet and they suggested using an oral syringe to get liquids in Chloe and it worked! I considered it before calling but was afraid I would choke or drown her. Silly me. She's still wobbly headed and can't stand up. The vet says when you are dizzy it feels like you are standing still and everything is whorling around you. With Chloe's condition it's like everything else is standing still and she is whorling around. I just can't imagine. Here's some photos from this morning:

The mystery bruise I found on her abdomen when I picked her up from the E-Vet yesterday. They hadn't noticed it until I brought it to their attention.

Resting. You can see the bruise in this photo too. Also you can see her right paw which they first used for IV/bloodwork.

Her face shows just how miserable she must feel. Hopefully the meds will get her back to normal. She just tried a couple little barks while I was uploading photos so that might be a good sign.

The other paw. They accidentally cut her a little while shaving it for IV fluids.

Finally the only way to get liquid down her. She's eating but not drinking. Someone suggested some chicken broth and I may try that. I did give one syringe of milk last night at my Dad's urging.


Anonymous said...

Did they say what was causing the bruise on her tummy? Poor thing.
I hope for a full and speedy recovery.



My LIttle Family: said...

Susie, no they said they didn't even see it. I saw it when I picked her up to take her home and asked about it. Nothing on her records about it either.

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