Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rattie Christmas

Despite spending much of Christmas day at the emergency vet, we did find time to fit in the Christmas traditions of cooking, eating, and openings gifts with family.
Eddie's wish came true - he got a little girl for Christmas!

It's a good thing I only have two rat terriers or little Sarah would not have enough arms!

Eddie helps her unwrap her presents

My ratties love my cousin Erica

Daisey thinks these toys with no stuffing are strange!

Ed enjoying his bulley stick

The Christmas feast of prime rib, asparagus, oven roasted potatoes and candied sweet potatoes . Next Christmas is going to seem like a long time away for the next feast!

A Christmas No-No!

1 comment:

cindee said...

OMG to cute(-: I love the dress!!!! That is really cute(-: Jack had a feast too and so did the granddog. They had a wonderful safe and loving Christmas.(-: Spoiled as usual!!!(-:

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