Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Birthday is Tomorrow.......

.....but we always celebrate on the nearest Saturday night. Plus, tomorrow I am driving my Dad to stay with his sister Flossie in Arcadia for a week.

Photo of my Dad, me, and my mom. Together like we were about 51 years ago, LOL. Perhaps a bit less hectic and much less painful for my mom.

We went to Kobe's Japanese Steakhouse for teppenyaki cooking. Pictured is the famous flaming onion volcano.

Mom and Jerry having a good time. Mom looks so innocent yet that sneaky woman somehow got a birthday cake ihto the restaurant without anyone knowing ;)

Here's the other side of the table - dad, me, and Marge. We all enjoyed our dinner very much.

Me with puffed out cheeks for vlowing out the candles on the cake. Thank goodness they didn't put 51 on it! We "forced" the other family at the table to eat cake to quoting my friend Patrick Saltonstall "it's bad luck not to eat birthday cake". I told them I don't if it is bad luck for me or for them but that they shouldn't risk it, LOL.

Now we are home and after several games of Wii, Dad and I are watching my new birthday DVD "Meerkat Manor season 4" and Jerry is smoking a cigar on the screen porch and reading a thick book he can't seem to keep his nose out of.


cindee said...

Yay!!! Happy Birthday To You!!!! Mine is the 14th!!! A couple more weeks till then. I was suppose to be a New Years baby but I was late..(-: I hope you have a great day tomorrow!!!

Julie said...

Happy Late birthday, girl!!! You looked so happy and what a great dinner at the steakhouse! We love the japanese steakhouses!!! You better slow down, or you will catch up to me...I turned 52 in October! :)

Lzyjo said...

oh that's so sweet! Happy Birthday! I wonder who she bribed to get the cake inside? Long ago a went to a Japanese steakhouse and the cook at our hibachi table got me with a bottle of fake sauce with a piece of yarn in it. He scared me so much I nearly fell off the chair! LOL!

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