Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dad's Here & Mom's Birthday Dinner

Tonight we went to Maggiano's in Tampa to celebrate Mom's birthday which was actally yesterday but in our family, everybody's birthday is changed to the nearest Saturday so we can all go to dinner together, LOL. After dinner we picked dad up at the airport. He's here for a week, the off to Aunt Flossie's in Arcadia for a week, and then back here for a week. He sure gets around for an 80 year old!

The three of us, Dad on the left, me in the middle, and mom on the right. Not the most flattering of photos but heym whatcha gonna do?

Eddie loves his pawpaw and trusted him enough to chew his bulley stick on his lap. Pee-U that thing stunk but Ed didn't seem to notice.

My completed Christmas tree! Finally got the top part done. Bought some new ornaments at Cracker Barrell last night when I went there for dinner with my mom. They ahd a beautiful assort and all at 60% off!

Just a few random shots of the house decorations. This is our fireplace mantle. I have 7 stocking up this year since dad is here. The two on the ends are woven baskets. A friend in Kodiak was a basket weaver and I bought these from her. I think they are the coolest things. The next to last on right is one I croceted for our first Christmas together (in Anchorage). I basically crocheted the sock and then cross stitched the elk design with yarn. I got the design from the pair of socks I was wearing at the time, LOL.

A plate of wooden cookies and a Yankee candle gingerbread house candle holder that Marge gave me for Christmas last year.

My front door welcomer. I ran out of batteries trying to get the front doors. Perhaps I will take more photos tomorrow. I still need to clean up the dining room table from my sewing projects before I can decorate in there.

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Julie said...

I think you look fabulous in that photo. The colors in your top go so well with your hair! All of your decor is lovely!!! Have a wonderful Christmas with all your family!

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