Monday, December 22, 2008

Secret Santa

Members of had a Secret Santa program this year. Eddie & Daisey received a box from Slidell Lousiana full of toys, treats, and a pretty pink sweater for Miss D. We mailed our box to California but they haven't received it yet - hopefully today.

Daisey & Ed were a bit cautious about getting into their stockings. They sniffed them but I had to take the gifts out. They are way too polite for Rat Terriers, LOL.

And, they wouldn't rip up paper like in the posts of other Rat Terriers receiving their Secret Santa gifts. I started to show them and encourage them but Jerry reminded me it might be best if they weren't paper shredders because they can't distinguish "their" gifts from "ours". Good point.

Miss Daisey sniffing one of Eddie's toys. I think she was scanning for what parts she could chew off first. These Rat Rerriers love to destuff, desqueak, and distruct their toys.

Yummy, freeze-dried chicken livers! They loved these but mom & dad are less enthusiastic to hand them out because they STINK! Actually they are a very nice gift.

Ed took off with each toy as I unwrapped than and then he would see the next one unwrapped and come back and grab that it. He is a toy monster!

Miss D got a new sweater and it looks fabulous on her! The other side has the button detail but she was prancing so much it was hard to get a shot of her.

Eddie with all his loot. I attempted to prop the bulley stick up on him too but you can see that's never gonna work, LOL.

And Daisey's stuff. See the big red nose on that toy in the upper left, well that nose was gone in 5 minutes flat.

We purged all the old flat toys from the toy basket and now I love how all the new, clean toys look in the box. They only had a couple toys worth keeping and those are in the laundry. You can see Eddie is looking for his old, flat, funky toys - compare that to a previous post by clicking "here". Oh, and check out that same moose again in the upper left - notice the missing nose.


tina said...

Merry Christmas to you and the family. Looks like it has come early for Daisey and Ed and they are pleased.

Julie said...

OOOOOOOOH...a pink argyle sweater!!! What a nice treat for the dogs in the mail! Sweet idea! I know they love all their new beautiful, clean adn non-stink toys! I need to weed some of Doozeys old ones out too! :)
Merry Christmas Eddie and Daisy!!! And Chloe too.

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