Monday, December 22, 2008

Shopping, Wrapping, & Cruising Lights

Today was a full day. Dad & I shopped most of the day at several shopping centers and a mall. It was busy but not crazy. I didn't finish so I will do it again tomorrow. I need to buy perishables for Christmas dinner and trays for Jerry's work.

I wrapped everything tonight. And now our tree loooks like this. Finally have packages under the tree. If you sent a gift and you do not see it, it is because I put the packages to the front that coordinate with the tree (this year color theme is blue). I know, I'm wierd. Jerr once said he thought that might be a little rude but it's not like I hide unmatching gifts under the bed, I just move the matching ones to the front. Past years have included turquoise & silver, robin's egg blue & red, and gold & green.

Last night I cooked chicken parmesan & a big pot of chili. Actually I had to bake the chicken parm at MIL's house because my oven isn't working. Did I ever mention I hated my stove? Even when it was working? Anyway, we had the chili tonight and my mom brought over cornbread (which has to be baked in an oven) for dinner before we met up with cousin Lee, Erica, & Sarah to look at Christmas lights.

Amaizing how many people it takes to strap & unstrap a 3 year old in a car, LOL. Sarah watched a Baby Einstein video in the car. The neighborhood we went to does a huge display with many, many houses. It's actually overwhelming. Sarah wanted to walk but it was cold & windy and the neighborhood is large so we went to a smaller neighbor equally decorated where she could walk. The small neighborhood has lighted arbors over the sidewalks as well. Sarah didn't last long out there - not sure it was because of the cold & wind or the guy dressed up as a wizard in a lighted up cotume. Either one would have sent me back to the warmth of the van!

This is my neighbor's house. Now imagine a neighborhood with a couple hundred houses as decked out as this one and you have an idea of what we saw tonight.

Poor Eddie - exaughsted from all that cooking, cleaning, shopping, wrapping, and visiting.

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Anne Sutton said...

Hi Vickie! Love your tree and presents. Thanks for sharing pictures!

I absolutely LOVE your little rat terriers! They look like my Bitsy! Have a wonderful Christmas!

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