Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Aunts with a Couple Cousins Thrown In

This is one of the first sights I saw this morning - my wierd Aunt Hellen wearing rollers. Like that wasn't traumatic enough, she also wore them when we went to Denny's for breakfast!

I thought this was a lovely photo of Aunt Ola Fay in the lobby of the hotel where we stayed last night.

FINALLY Aunt Joyce and Uncle Bob arrived today. Now all the sisters are together. Whew. Joyce and Kunkel Bob closed their business to attend. Thank you.

Here is a photo of my mom and all her sisters arranged by age. You can figure out which direction that age thing goes as I am staying out of it if you guess wrong! LOL (L to R: Ola frim Arkansas, my mom Velear from Florida, Aunt Joyce from Arkansas, Aunt Mary from Florida, and Aunt Hellen from Washington/New Mexico)

Aunt Mary & Uncle Larry's daughter Elizabeth and her son Seth. They came down from Georgia for this special event.

Aunt Mary & Uncle Larry's oldest daughter Rhonda and her daughter Rachel. Rhonda came from Arkansas and Rachel from Tenessee.


JaMean said...

What a FUN and beautiful family you have!

I hope you guys all just have a blast. I am so jealous of the palm trees...

Beth Couture said...

Great blog Vickie!!! I love it.

It was great seeing you again. I am not sure if you have our email address or not. If not, here it is: Feel free to email me anytime.

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