Sunday, December 14, 2008

We Picked Up A Hitch Hiker

We were on our way to Denny's for breakfast on Sunday when we saw a hitchiker on the side of the road. "Please don't pick him up, he could be a killer" I heard from the back of the van. I had one mom, two aunts, and a cousin up in arms over the idea of picking up a stranger but when they realized he didn't have any legs, they changed their tune. Not only was he deemed safe but also in need of our help. Seems Flamingo got lost trying to find the north pole.

The point of this photo was to show just how well the kitch hiker named Flamingo was getting along with everyone after their initial hesitation; however, Lee did not like how her mouth looked in this photo. Flamingo had an idea on how to save the photo. I believe it turned out well in that we still have a photo of him enjoying the company of my mom and Lee yet Lee does not have to be embarrassed by a photo of her mouth in a wierd, twisted position. It truly was hideous and Lee would have to move to Siberia had the original photo surfaced. Smart Flamingo.

We treated Flamingo to breakfast because he looked a bit skinny and he said it had been two days since his last meal. Boy, is he a picky eater! I think the two days was due to searching for something he would be willing to eat. Finally we got him to eat grits with no butter. Remember that - if you pick up a hitchiking flamingo, be sure to feed him grits and hold the butter.

After breakfast we had a long talk with Flamingo and reminded him that his family probably missed him, especially this time of year. He agreed to send them an e-mail to let the flock know that he was ok and he promised to send photos as proof.

Flamingo went to the room to shower before entering the pool as instructed on the pool gate sign; however, we broke the rules in that Flamingo did not wear a bathing cap mostly because he was unfamilar with a bathing cap. If you think that sounds silly then you try and explain the concept of a bathing cap to a flamingo.

Flamingo seemed to enjoy floating in the pool more than doing laps. The chlorene level proved to high for our little friend so he decided to warm himself in the sun by the pool.

We were all resting nicely, sipping tropical drinks when suddenly there were words between Flamingo and the cabana boy. Flamingo was asked to leave so we left for the North Pole.

Flamingo insisted on driving stating that his avian skills are far superior to a GPS and he was right! He got delivered us safely to the north pole. if word of this gets out, everyone will want a flamingo and Garmon will not be THE gift for Christmas this year.

The greeter at the North Pole was a fellow named Frosty. Bad Flamingo tried to eat Frosty's carrot nose! This could have cost us our visit with the BIG guy but luckily someone had a blow dryer handy and we were able to silence the snow man, forever......

For a while there were officals looking for the slayer of a snowman so we all tried to blend into the surroundings until things cooled off. Luckily it doesn't take long for anything to cool off at the North Pole.

Our patience payed off! Flamingo was able to fulfill his life-long dream of meeting Santa Claus! With his dream realized, now what? Flamingo had nowhere to go so I offered him a job back in Clearwater.

Here he stands tonight keeping vigil over my mail box. Notice he is sporting a new hat from the gift shop at the North Pole.


JaMean said...

Oh my goodness! This is TOO funny! My mom used to LOVE flamingos when we lived in Florida. Since we moved to Utah, though, the flamingo has fizzled out. Flamingos in Utah would look a bit silly...

Thank you for making me laugh today with this. I needed it!

Julie said...

LOLOL! I must have missed this while I was doing too much Christmas shoppping or something!!! Or was is during the period I was drinking from the punchbowl, as a flock of white egrets walked by eating worms from out of my grass??? Oh, I can't remember!!!

This is a great little story of love, daring travel, Santa Claus meeting with a flamingo from Clearwater, Florida (amazing), and a story that shows what a wonder the author is to have come up with it all!!! The pics are great, and it took me away for a few minutes!
Thanks Vicki!!!
Merry Christmas!

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