Saturday, December 6, 2008

Secret Santa

I am close to getting my Secret Santa packages out. For the SS gift swap on I made pajamas and one vest. Need one more vest.

I usually hoard my dragonfly fabric but I was good and used some for this vest :)

I'm also a Secret Santa for two Ratbone fosters and have finished with their gifts because there was no sewing involved - only purchasing. I'll find their photos and bios and post about them another time.

My final projects are to sewing 3 pairs of jammies (one down, two to go) and one vest. I bought a big bag of chicken jerky to go with those so the dog's aren't diappointed, LOL. I just picture the dogs reaction to pajamas would be like a kid getting underware. HA!

We've already received one box of gifts from an exchange but I haven't let them have the toys yet; however, I am not as mean as it sounds because there were homemade dog cookies and I've been giving them one everyday.


Julie said...

WOW...these area all some lucky doggies!!!!! You are such a great Mommy!

Deb H said...

Very sweet gift for 4 legged children. I have a spoiled cat who wouldn't appreciate such things, but he loves the new cat nip pillow Poppy brought home today.

Thanks for the sweet commnet on my blue day!

spookydragonfly said...

Awwwww....They're adorable! But, I'll bet you can guess which is my favorite. With the size of my dogs, these vests may cover as a hat on them! You've got some talent here!

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