Saturday, December 13, 2008

Three Quarters of a Tree

I finally did it! I decorated my christmas tree, well sorta. Jerr put the tree together for me and didn't realize that I usually unfold and fluff the top section BEFORE it goes on the tree. As it stands, it is over my head and I will need a ladder to finish the job.

The bare tree -it's prelit thank goodness.

Jerry gave me a box of very high quality and beautiful silk flora about 10 years ago and I have used them sparingly during the years. Today I decided to put them on the tree and make it difference than the previous few years.

A photo with the flowers and holly in place.

Next comes icicles of various sizes and designs.

Since I bought blue and white paper for wrapping gift, I wanted my tree to coordiante so I purchased 3 boxes of different color blue - and they were 60% off!

Didn't like them hung singly so I strung 3 on a ribbon and hung them in groups.

Bought these gold grapevine stars at Pier One after Christmas a couple years ago for 75% off. I don't know why but I really like these. I guess they are a nice mix of natural material and bling!

They look way better ON the tree - kinda like most dresses, LOL.

A shot of the back side of the decorated tree

My only Santa. I got a gift certificate from a very nice store for plus-size modeling one Christmas and I bought this Santa ornament with the certificate. It was a spendy store and I would have never paid the full price for it without the certificate.

Another side of the tree

All but the top which looks the same as the first photo

My favorite, the grand finale, the lit tree in a darkened room!

Merry Christmas!!!

OK, since posting this I found another zip lock bag of ornaments I just had to add plus thre tin birds. I ahve so much stuff I forget what I have. Until the top is fixed, I'm not sure if I will add a garland and/or snowflakes. Jerry really likes the tree this year, yippee!


tina said...

It is very pretty. I love the silver poinsettias on it. The first picture is funny too. A common problem.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

very pretty. I used to decorate my tree with silk flowers. Now we only have cobalt glass on the tree.

Julie said...

Your tree turned out just beautifully!!!!

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